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Membership Renewals

PAI annual membership renewal



Individual Members - Annual Membership (A) / Associate Membership (AS) Renewal



As decided during the AGM (January 2016)*, membership fees will now be calculated for the financial year 1st April to 31st March. Further the billing will be done for full financial quarter of the initial admission and remaining quarters of the financial year on pro-rata basis.
(* Refer agenda 7 of the AGM Minutes of the meeting)

The Annual Individual members (A) will pay pro-rata on quarterly basis. The Associate (AS) members will have to pay the full amount.

This is being done to streamline the accounting and membership card making/dispatch process.

For registration:
1) A (Annual Membership) - Joining Fee ₹ 300.00 + Annual Fee: ₹ 500.00 = ₹ 125.00 per quarter.
2) AS (Associate Membership) - Registration Fee: ₹ 100.00 (Full payment)

For renewals:
1) A (Annual Membership)
- Renewal Fee: ₹ 500.00 = ₹ 125.00 per quarter.

2) AS (Associate Membership)
- Renewal Fee: ₹ 100.00

Annual membership fee table (pro-rata)

Registration/Renewal Date Amount
APR - JUN 2016 ₹ 500.00
JUL - SEP 2016 ₹ 375.00
OCT - DEC 2016 ₹ 250.00
JAN - MAR 2017 ₹ 125.00

For registration of A (Annual Membership) above formula will be applied along with the one time Joining fee of ₹ 300.00

In case you have already paid full fee for the renewal or registration, the balance amount will be adjusted for the next year's renewal.

When will my membership expire?

Please login to Landing Zone to check status of your membership. Multiple reminders will be sent to your email regarding the renewal during the 30 day period prior to expiry.

How much is my renewal fee?

Current renewal fee for PAI individual
[A] Annual membership is Indian Rupee 500.00 per year*
Current renewal fee for PAI individual
[AS] Associate membership is Indian Rupee 100.00 per year*

* Calculate membership fee from the last date of membership expiry. For example - If your membership expired in 2014 and you did not renew it for some reason, you will have to pay for 2015+2016

In order to renew your membership you need make this payment to PAI Bank Account.
You can pay by Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS). This is the recommended option.
You can also send us a cheque or deposit the same in a local branch of our bank (Bank of Maharashtra).

How will PAI know I have paid?

After making the payment please send us your payment information through this online form.
Please note this is the only method of confirming your renewal.
Please do not email us about your payment or forward your bank alerts.

PAI accounts will tally your payment information with our bank account only if it is submitted through the above form.

Will PAI confirm my renewal once its processed?

Yes, of course. Once your payment is credited to our account we will update our records and will reply to your payment confirmation email. You will also see the updated status of your membership along with payment details in the Landing Zone account.

I have not renewed my PAI membership. It is long due. Will PAI charge me penalty? How is the expired membership status treated.

Even if your PAI membership is long due, you are encouraged to renew it at the earliest. At present we do not charge any penalty (late fee) for such renewals. This may come into practice in the near future. Please note - your renewal is always applied from the date of your last membership expiry. So even if you renew after a gap of few months/years your membership will be renewed from the date it expired. Which means you will end up paying for all those years you did not pay for at the current rate of fee applicable for your membership type.

Expired members cannot participate in any future events or meetings. They will loose their voting rights (applicable for A membership). They will not be eligible for any PAI merchandising. Their PAI insurance policy will become invalid. They will not have full access to Landing Zone. PAI Membership ID card and Pilot Rating Card (PPPI) will not be issued to such members.

Account details

Beneficiary - Paragliding Association of India
Account No - 60044954528
Account Type - Savings
IFSC / RTGS code - MAHB0000084
MICR Code - 403014002
Bank - Bank of Maharashtra
Branch - Panaji Branch, Panaji, Goa.