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PAI PPPI (Paragliding Pilot Proficiency Identification) System

PAI PPPI (Paragliding Pilot Proficiency Identification) System


PG1 (Student Pilot)

PG2 (Ridge Soaring Pilot)

PG3 (Thermal Soaring Pilot)

PG4 (Cross Country Pilot)

TANDEM (Tandem Pilot)


PAI BHPA Certification Workshop

Certified Pilots


TANDEM (Dual Flying) Paragliding Pilot Rating

Tandem Rating Card

Tasks and requirement for paragliding pilot applying for TANDEM

  1. Minimum 18 years old
  2. Thorough understanding and demonstration of theory and practical skills as per the adopted BHPA manual/fact sheet for dual/tandem flying (training)
  3. Minimum of PG level 3 with a minimum of 150 solo high flights
  4. Minimum of 200 hours of airtime logged
  5. Minimum of 10 high flights as Tandem Pilot with a Tandem Instructor as passenger
  6. Minimum of 30 high flights with a passenger who is a pilot of at least PG2 level, under the supervision of a Tandem instructor
  7. SIV course
  8. Current First Aid Certification
  9. Medical fitness certificate from a Certified Medical Practitioner
  10. Written recommendation from the Tandem Instructor confirming excellent piloting and communication skills, safe attitude and good airmanship
  11. Thorough practical and theory assessment by the Tandem Instructor


TANDEM Rating Card is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue.


First Assessment Renewal Re-assessment
₹ 5,000/- ₹ 2,500/- ₹ 2,500/-


  1. Refer General Renewal Terms
  2. Minimum 25 hours and 50 flights within the validity period, out of which at least 25 flights should be Tandem flights
  3. Logbook as a proof of flying experience
  4. Medical fitness certificate from a Certified Medical Practitioner
  5. Valid First Aid certificate


Read the information on this page and make sure you are eligible for the given PPPI Rating Level.

Fill up the PPPI online requisition form ('Apply Now' button) and provide all mandatory details .

If qualified and approved, PPPI team will revert by email with further instructions.

Make the payment to PAI account and then make sure to fill up the 'payment confirmation form' (Mandatory).

PPPI Team will revert with details of the available schedule and coach/examiner details.