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Restriction on Paragliding activities in Kamshet area
January 21, 2016

Air traffic and security issues related to paragliding/paramotoring near Pune
April 10, 2013

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November 11, 2010

Pune Airport (IATA: PNQ, ICAO: VAPO) is located approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) north-east of Pune in the state of Maharashtra, India. The airport is a civil enclave operated by the Airports Authority of India at the eastern side of Lohegaon Air Base of the Indian Air Force. The airport handles both domestic and international flights.

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Air traffic and security issues related to paragliding/paramotoring near Pune

April 10, 2013

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As we all are aware that, there have been multiple incidents reported by media about (para)gliders being spotted inside city limits and close vicinity of Pune Airport. The air traffic is controlled by Indian Air Force (IAF). The IAF has reported the matter to Pune Police.

Following these incidents and the reporting of the matter that followed the incidents, Pune Police had called for a meeting of all Paragliding schools functional in Pune/Kamshet area along with PAI. This meeting came based on National Security concerns associated with the incidents.

Meeting was called by S. K. Singhal - Joint Commissioner of Police, Pune on April 1, 2013 in Pune. It was attended by IAF SATCO officers, officers from Police, SP-Rural Pune, SID, School owners from Kamshet and Pune, Gliding Centre Pune and PAI.

We would like to communicate the outcome of the meeting to our members, since there will now be some rules and regulations associated with flying in Kamshet and around Pune:

Mom-01april13-JtCP-Pune1> It is now mandatory for all paragliding clubs in Pune region to obtain ATC (IAF) permission for paragliding activities. To apply for this permission they should first get NOC from Gram Panchayat and then from the Police.

- This is already initiated by the concerned schools and all the schools would follow due procedure to obtain the same. Please note - this applies to all areas where flying takes place in Pune region(Tower Hill, Shinde Tekdi, Shelar, Pavana etc.).

2> All regular paragliding pilots will have to get a character certificate / verification done from their local police station and then apply for a permission to SP Rural, Pune.

- This applies to all pilots who would independently wish to fly in Kamshet without exceptions.

3> Permission from ATC (IAF) will have to be taken on daily basis.

- This co-ordination with the ATC would be done by the schools/clubs

4> For ATC clearance all necessary details (GPS co-ordinates, Radius, Ceiling, time etc.) should be reported.

- This co-ordination with the ATC would be done by the schools

5> Paragliding clubs/schools will have to maintain a register/record of all student pilots. A list of all students will have to be submitted to Local police station (Vadgaon Maval, Saswad).

- This will be the responsibility of the school

6> Paragliding clubs/Schools will be responsible for verification of personal details, contact nos., photo, ID proof, residence proof of every paragliding pilot flying with them.

- This will be the responsibility of the school

Finally, we would want to mention that National security is paramount and the sport will never be above National security. All the attendees - schools, IAF, ATC, police authorities etc, agreed to the same, but at the same time they were NOT against us flying and pursuing the sport we all love so much. PAI would like to thank Jt. CP S K Singhal, IAF and all others for their support and co-operation.

"With Right Comes Responsibility"... If you think you have the right to fly, you also have to accept and follow the responsibilities that are associated with it. We strongly advice and insist that any pilot wanting to fly in Pune follow all the rules and regulations that are being laid down.

Please note that the authorities now are aware of PAI being functionally existent and have accepted to have PAI involved in all matters related to Paragliding. They are also aware that all PAI members are issued a PAI membership ID card and the forthcoming PPPI rating card. Hence it is strongly recommended that you carry your PAI ID card with you at least when you go flying. If you have not received your PAI ID card, then please check your emails where reminders have been sent multiple times to complete the information to issue PAI ID cards.